Blogs and RSS feeds

Why use them?


A blog "web log" gives you an online publishing tool to share your opinions with other Internet users. They are more and more adopted by companies and organisations.

Blogging is dynamic. It drives traffic to your site, builds buyers trust, and enables you to market your brand.

Once created, blog marketing allows your customers and visitors to keep up to date with your website`s news and enables you to keep in touch with your competitors websites.

Quality content increases your site’s popularity and results in links with other reputable sites, newspaper companies.

Blogs have special search engines such as:

To create a blog:


A feed is a way for users to keep informed of a website`s latest changes without having to log onto that site all the time. The common feed format for most websites is RSS (Really Simple Syndication) and is based on XML.

Subscribing to a feed is almost like a newsletter. Customers use RSS reader applications to collect and monitor their favourite feeds in one place.

Downloadable RSS readers include:

Online RSS readers include:

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