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  1. I thought I should drop you a line about this exclusive marketing service.

    By using Twitter, your website is marketed to over 70 thousands followers, generating genuine backlinks and buzz for your website.

    This means :

    • more backlinks
    • a better ranking on search engines for your website
    • more visitors and more sales!

    See statistics of our latest website below:

    • Website age: 1 year
    • Google Page Rank: 2
    • Alexa Rank: 386500
    • Monthly Traffic: more than 15000 Absolute Unique Visitors

    This service is now available to you for a discounted price of $99 USD per month.

    Come on our website Media Marketing Service for more information.

    To Your Success!
    Eric Gourmet
    Express Web Services

  2. If you have launched your online business, or are thinking of doing so, your main expectation is to:
    Earn enough income from your business to live on. 

    Indeed to achieve this, you might want to setup a business plan, get financial support, invest in web services which will develop your business quickly.
    However, not everyone is going that way. You might have not too much money to invest and want to do some DIY to limit your cost.

    There will always be costs in running an online business : hosting, merchant account, marketing, tools licenses. All these costs are adding up while you are working hard on your website, products and marketing.

    So lets see which steps you need to follow before fullfiling your primary goal:

    You will be happy to cover your cost, lets say 400 bucks the month, even if you are not making a profit. You could do that by advertising on your website. If you think your business does not fit with having adverts on your pages, just setup a second website for that.

    For example, one website explaining the services you provide, and the other selling your products. After all, it takes time to make one website successful, so why not 2 of them? You don't have to spend twice the time and money for that, and you will get the good result for 2 websites instead of one.

    Three months after publication and regular inbound marketing - blogs, articles, directories, social networking, as well as Pay Per Click to boost your traffic, you will gain reputation and see some organic (free) traffic going on your web sites.

    Advertising will produce some results and it will be time to lower your PPC costs. You will only need to keep the keywords that make you adverts sell.

    After a year, you might get 100% profit from advertsing on your PPC cost. That will cover at least the hosting cost.

    I will cover the methodology to follow in my next blog.

  3. MyExpressWebServices

    Get Your Small Business Web Site Online! The Successful Online Business Recipe.

    MyExpressWebServices is proposing a brand new service, called No Revenue No Fee option.

    View our full profile in the FreeIndex Web Design Software directory.


    We have designed 5 websites in the last six months, one for us and 4 for our customers. It is interesting to understand the path to a successful online business and also the path to achieve it!

    Not all businesses follow the same pace to a successful outcome. It is useful to know what the estimated delay in this process is and how to get the most of it..

    A successful web site is a six month process.  To have an action plan for this period is a must have in order to ensure a good and fast start.

    Here is the recipe.

    1) You know your business

    We know how to get it online. It is not painful, it just take a bit of commitment. You give us the promotional material you have, we put it online. You list your line of product, we ask you for specifications. You show us pictures of your products, we take new ones or get them from your suppliers and put them online. You give us your price list, special packages or offers, we write the rules in your website shopping cart.

    2) You want to sale online 

    We setup the merchant account facility and you connect it to your business account. The merchant account company asks for references, and we give them to them. They might take between one to 4 month to give you a merchant account.

    3) You want traffic to your website and convert your traffic to sales

    We work out for you the path to a successful  marketing. We add your website to our well known portal. We write about your business and products on internet. We make sure you are famous and ranked  at the top for your products on all major search engines.

    4) You are developing your conventional business.

    In the meantime, we are working on your online business. You don't need much distraction from your main activity. We know You are the nerve of your business and you don't have to give your time for another purpose.

    All the important actions have been taken and time is working for you.

    5) The green light is On for your online business

    All the important work is done. We will update your line of product anytime when needed. The promotion campaigns are On. You are developing your conventional business and in parallel your online business is begining to work with no additional overheads. 


    Once your online business gets going in addition to your conventional business you  have developed for the last six months , all results will be coming in at once. Your online business should take over the biggest part of your transactions, and you can now have a regular income and concentrate on your bespoke services, if you so wish.

    About the Author:

    Eric Gourmet, from MyExpressWebServices, specialized in complete online business tailored solutions.

    Having helped his customers to build a successful online business, his Company MyExpressWebServices now propose an Online Business package, with all cost and web hosting service included.

    Thanks to this new package, MyExpressWebServices customers enjoy a complete eCommerce Website, including Internet Marketing and Web Hosting, plus Product and Content management, for no extra cost and unlimited in time!

    Please visit us on No Revenue No Fee, and discover all of our web design services.

    Ask us any question or inquiry you might have, do not hesitate to call us at +44 (0) 2081 446 303 or +33 (0) 875 446 505 or to write us or leave us your phone number by emailing us at, we will be very pleased to contact you for a no obligation quote.

    Thanks and Regards,

    Eric Gourmet.


  4. Gents,

    We are very proud to present a press release on HotFrog about our company and our services. We want to be the best place for a small business to start a successful online business and to achieve a high income. You will find out about investment and return, and that your company does NOT have to invest in our services. As you will find out in the article below, we will invest in you as we believe in your business opportunity.


    Your business idea will nest and grow within an adequate marketing framework. We will give a full development of it in our next blog, where you will find out more about synergie, relationship, trust and the partnership our business model is based on.

    The Company Express Web Services, based in London, offers a new kind of services for small businesses.

    The company services, brand 'No Revenue No Fee' and 'Monthly Subscription' options, allow small businesses to build their online shop within a clear and defined budget frame.
    Not only the services are affordable, they also include unlimited web design revisions and internet marketing.

    The No Revenue No Fee option can be obtain in exchange of a percentage of the online sales. With this option, the customer does not have to actually pay for the web design and the web marketing services.

    The monthly subcription option is based on a 2 year budget framework, where all services are included.


    All the best and have a great day,

    Eric Gourmet.

  5. In my first blog,  I gave you an insight of what our company Express Web Services was doing, what was our motivation and a short description of MyExpressWebServices partners.

    However, I feel you should know us better, so we now initiate a serie of blog about ourselves and what we do, and I am going to be the first one to present myself!

    I am Eric Gourmet, working since 1984 as IT Consultant.

    I have been through most of IT technologies, from mini computers, personal computers networks, databases servers, client-server, tiers server, Service Oriented Architecture and since 1998 on internet and intranet applications.

    Having thoroughly helped customers to improve their IT services, for themselves and their customers, Internet was for me a natural evolution.

    As the ultimate mean to offer services to customers and to leverage company competitiveness, it becomes a necessary tool first for multinational companies.

    Since 1998 I have been working in the Internet World. It was in that year that I created intranets for multinational companies. Created together with the input from web site users, it was aimed at a large range of different people.

    The first large private internet network immediately became my first showcase. Other web sites were won over by the user friendliness and powerful Internet concept.

    Our activities in France, UK and USA are expanding and encompass prestigious customers. We took the decision to enlarge our services to all businesses worldwide.

    All the Research in E-marketing, company Partnership, Development and Database tools were carried out by my partners and me over a period of one year. After this initial phase, we completed the next stages of designing, hosting, marketing and maintenance of our internet services for the first two businesses.

    We believe in a strategy of being in close communication to our final customers and are using our partners’ powerful hosting, design and communication platforms.

    Thanks to our marketing partner, we are building our cutomers reputation on the web, as well as ours. Most thanks go to:

    The powerful Google marketing platform. Thanks to Google Adwords, we were able to refine our site content and to increase our traffic on a regular basis. With Google AdSense, we had an increasing return on our marketing investment. Finally, Google Analytic allowed us to know better our customers and to make the decisive adjustments to our web site contents and our marketing campaign.

    The efficient Yahoo Marketing Solutions. Thanks to Yahoo Sponsored Search we were able to complete our marketing campaign with an affordable and very efficient advertising.

    These powerful tools will ensure an efficient response to the growing market demands for these services.

    I hope that after this initial introduction you would wish to get to know us better and to join our club of satisfied customers.

    Your satisfaction is our commitment.

    Eric Gourmet Director

    Express Web Services Ltd.

  6. Hi,

    I want to welcome you to our new MyExpressWebServices blog.

    We are a dedicated team of people of different background, offering a brand new service to our customers.

    Our aim  is to allow every small business with a good business idea to be known and sell on the Web.

    To achieve this goal, we  do setup a complete eCommerce web site for our customer, with unlimited design revision and internet marketing.

    Why do we do that?

    We believe in our customer idea and are convinced that they can, with our help and some time, achieve a good income by selling on the web.

    How do we do that?

    We create a complete eCommerce solution for our customer, including Web Design, Shopping Cart and Checkout, Internet  Marketing, free of charge.

    What is our income?

    We will charge a percentage on the online sale, when they happen, after we and our customer have designed the Web Site and its products or services.

    What is the risk?

    None for the customer. We take all the risks, but we agree to work with our customer first.

    What is the schedule?

    An average time to get the web site setup is about 3 months. We then begin a marketing campaign to get traffic to our customer web site. Between two to three month later, sales usually begin to happen.

    How the customer make money?

    As sales begin to occurs, the cash begin to land on our customer account.  Sales only grow up with time.

    How do we make money?

    We only get a fraction of the customer income, so it is a longer process for us than for the customer. On the other hand, we duplicate this process with more than one customer.

    How much does it cost?

    As I said before, all OUR services are free of charge, and we get income ONLY from our customer sales. However, after publication - usually after two or three months of initial contact, when the web site version 1 and the products and services are setup, there is a hosting fee from our hosting partner  of 30 Euros the month. One month later, we begin a marketing campaign by Pay Per Click, which we advise a spending of 100 Euros per month on advertising. Two months laters, we got the merchant account setup, which costs 40 Euros the month.

    Are you ready to join us on a no risk success story?

    As I said before, we will be very happy to work with entrepreneur having a genuine business idea. What ever you are selling, we will define together your goals and perspectives.

    What do we do else?

    We also have a very good monthlty subcription option, very usefull if you are selling services or want to promote your company. With this option, you have a lower spending option and a maximum spending option (over the maximum, our services become unlimited and free for no supplement).

    Who are we?

    John Glennie is a retired lawyer and a marketing specialist, having his own business with thousands of customers.

    Elizabeth Mijova is an active law adviser, working with international companies with a strong financial background.

    Eric Gourmet is an IT consultant having also his own business, which among customers are very well known multinational companies.


    Your comments are welcome and we will keep you informed with more post on our blog.


    Have a great day,

    Eric Gourmet.

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