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Get Your Small Business Web Site Online! The Successful Online Business Recipe.

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We have designed 5 websites in the last six months, one for us and 4 for our customers. It is interesting to understand the path to a successful online business and also the path to achieve it!

Not all businesses follow the same pace to a successful outcome. It is useful to know what the estimated delay in this process is and how to get the most of it..

A successful web site is a six month process.  To have an action plan for this period is a must have in order to ensure a good and fast start.

Here is the recipe.

1) You know your business

We know how to get it online. It is not painful, it just take a bit of commitment. You give us the promotional material you have, we put it online. You list your line of product, we ask you for specifications. You show us pictures of your products, we take new ones or get them from your suppliers and put them online. You give us your price list, special packages or offers, we write the rules in your website shopping cart.

2) You want to sale online 

We setup the merchant account facility and you connect it to your business account. The merchant account company asks for references, and we give them to them. They might take between one to 4 month to give you a merchant account.

3) You want traffic to your website and convert your traffic to sales

We work out for you the path to a successful  marketing. We add your website to our well known portal. We write about your business and products on internet. We make sure you are famous and ranked  at the top for your products on all major search engines.

4) You are developing your conventional business.

In the meantime, we are working on your online business. You don't need much distraction from your main activity. We know You are the nerve of your business and you don't have to give your time for another purpose.

All the important actions have been taken and time is working for you.

5) The green light is On for your online business

All the important work is done. We will update your line of product anytime when needed. The promotion campaigns are On. You are developing your conventional business and in parallel your online business is begining to work with no additional overheads. 


Once your online business gets going in addition to your conventional business you  have developed for the last six months , all results will be coming in at once. Your online business should take over the biggest part of your transactions, and you can now have a regular income and concentrate on your bespoke services, if you so wish.

About the Author:

Eric Gourmet, from MyExpressWebServices, specialized in complete online business tailored solutions.

Having helped his customers to build a successful online business, his Company MyExpressWebServices now propose an Online Business package, with all cost and web hosting service included.

Thanks to this new package, MyExpressWebServices customers enjoy a complete eCommerce Website, including Internet Marketing and Web Hosting, plus Product and Content management, for no extra cost and unlimited in time!

Please visit us on No Revenue No Fee, and discover all of our web design services.

Ask us any question or inquiry you might have, do not hesitate to call us at +44 (0) 2081 446 303 or +33 (0) 875 446 505 or to write us or leave us your phone number by emailing us at, we will be very pleased to contact you for a no obligation quote.

Thanks and Regards,

Eric Gourmet.


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