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SugarCRM Introduces Sugar Express on the Sugar Open Cloud - @Work
Application Delivery - Multi-instance architecture for automated instance provisioning, configuration, and maintenance, with instant-on deployment that requires only a web browser; Integration Services - Support for Web services for the ...
@Work -
Google becomes world's first $100 bn brand
By Ians
April 5th, 2008 TechCrunch got it from a source that Google plans to launch their BigTable, their proprietary internal database which is used for Google Search, as a web service to compete with Amazon SimpleDB Web Service. ...
Simple Thoughts - Java and Web Blog -
CRM Outsiders » Blog Archive » The Vision of the Sugar Open Cloud ...
By Martin Schneider
Right now - the Sugar Open Cloud comprises the three commercial Sugar editions: Express, professional and Enterprise as well as: -A multi-instance architecture for automated instance provisioning, configuration, and maintenance;. - Integration services: supporting Web services for exchanging and consuming application and data services from the Web;. -Open-source standards: adhering to standards that the company claims will ensure portability, low cost, and no vendor ...
CRM Outsiders -
Inked | ASU Web Devil - ASU's Online News Source
By jsmccul1
“It definitely depends on the employer and the environment,” said Elaine Stover, associate director of ASU Career Services. She said the main reason employers might not want tattoos or piercings in the workplace is because of the issue of ... The fire department's policies and procedures state that “sexually explicit, immoral” or tattoos that “express radical social statements” are not accepted. The policies state that all appearance and image-related rules are because of ...
Jack Dangermond Interview 2 of 3: Sharing Government GIS Data - O ...
By Brady Forrest
But I'm also wondering -- you just released I believe it's Arc Viewer, your JavaScript and Flash client and so you're doing an increasing focus on web services, but I had a question that came from Twitter about when you actually offer ... CitiStat was a GIS-based system which allowed each of the different departments to express in the form of maps their strategy. So the police department was showing where there's crime and also showing their police beats and showing that ...
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