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We are very proud to present a press release on HotFrog about our company and our services. We want to be the best place for a small business to start a successful online business and to achieve a high income. You will find out about investment and return, and that your company does NOT have to invest in our services. As you will find out in the article below, we will invest in you as we believe in your business opportunity.


Your business idea will nest and grow within an adequate marketing framework. We will give a full development of it in our next blog, where you will find out more about synergie, relationship, trust and the partnership our business model is based on.

The Company Express Web Services, based in London, offers a new kind of services for small businesses.

The company services, brand 'No Revenue No Fee' and 'Monthly Subscription' options, allow small businesses to build their online shop within a clear and defined budget frame.
Not only the services are affordable, they also include unlimited web design revisions and internet marketing.

The No Revenue No Fee option can be obtain in exchange of a percentage of the online sales. With this option, the customer does not have to actually pay for the web design and the web marketing services.

The monthly subcription option is based on a 2 year budget framework, where all services are included.


All the best and have a great day,

Eric Gourmet.

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