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A lot of web designer sites advertise easy, cheap and fast online business solutions. What you find rarely, is how long it is going to take for you to make a profit.

May be you have tried one and feel things does not go as expected. But with no planning for work and schedule for return on investment, there is not too much to expect.

No, don't let your online business begin that way.  To begin an online business you must first contact a professional Web Designer, and that's what everyone is doing.

Being very motivated about your business, you are going to invest some of your time to write about your business, put your personal touch in communication so your website will represent your Company.

You will be active in designing your website and giving all information you have about your conventional business, including logos, presentations, product categories, list and descriptions, and last but not least, the specifications, features and benefits of what you are selling.

This is the correct process in doing things. Now what can go wrong?

1) Own your online business

As a business owner, you don't expect someone to take of you the burden of running your business, to build a shop for you and then to have a successful online shop running and making you money?

Or if you expect so, do you know how long is it going to take, how much money you will have to invest and when the return on investment will happen?

Now we get back to some basis of running a business: What are the Investment, Schedule for return on investment and Profit?

2) Know Your business plan

Having all these work done, you will have probably already spend your budget for your online business in step 1. And yes, nothing much is going to happen after step 1. So what much you need to know to get your successful online business?

This is like your conventional business : your first need to know what your spending and your income will be .

3) Know the steps to a successful online business

First is the Initial design.

Second are the changes to your design and to your product categories and list.

Third is the Marketing necessary for your website to be known.

4) Avoid the Step One Only proposal, where all others necessary steps are not mentioned.

A single amount of money is asked for to design the website version 1, and everything else is on a per hour cost basis. Usually, after one to two years, not having a web site running yet, you will have to stop, running  out of budget.

5) An all including proposal will have to bet tailored to your need and type of business (margin, location, geographical, delivery methods, inventory costs...).

It will cover at least two years of activity for your online business, with a clear budget framework, return on investments and benefits for you. 


Know that all the work you have already done on your online business is very positive. Think you have gone a long way, understanding the first necessary steps of going online. You might be not happy of the way things have gone up to now, but choosing the right business partner and following the 5 steps above will drive you to a successful online business,.

Your knowledge and work will be an important added value to your conventional business conversion to an online business.

  About the Author:

Eric Gourmet, from MyExpressWebServices, specialized in complete online business tailored solutions and web design services. He has met a lot of customers and most of them have been unsuccessful with their online experience.

Having helped his customers to build a successful online business, his Company MyExpressWebServices now propose an Online Business package, including  web hosting services.

Please visit us on MyExpressWebServices/NoRevenueNoFee, and discover all of our services.

Ask us any question or enquiry you might have, do not hesitate to call us at +44 (0) 2081 446 303 or +33 (0) 875 446 505 or to write us or leave us your phone number by emailing us at, we will be very pleased to contact you for a no obligation quote.

Thanks and Regards,

Eric Gourmet.


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