eBay Auction

Why use eBay?



Slogan " The Worlds Online Marketplace". It is the largest on-line auction on the Internet. Everyone knows eBay.

eBay attracts millions of visitors every day and can be an important addition to most marketing strategies.


Selling formats on eBay include:

1. Starting Price (set the starting price and let the people bid by auction)

2. Buy-It-Now BIN (fixed price for first person that sees and buys it

3. Fixed Price

4. Sell multiple identical items in one listing

5. Best Offer (potential buyers tell you what they are willing to pay and you accept/reject same)

6. Reserve Price (people bid blindly and guess what the reserve price is)

eBay can be used for the following:

1. Test and research market

2. Cuts business costs

3. Acquires new clients

4. Eliminates overstock

5. Jump-starts revenue

6. Drives traffic to your website

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