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The integrated eCommerce solution for store development — Using this Content Management Software is easy and straightforward, a large number of e commerce templates, ready with shopping cart, speed up the design process. Its Web interface means there is no installation needed. After entering your descriptions and products, your online store is ready to sale. There are also hosting & marketing services.

Web site Design and Ecommerce

Effective Web eCommerce Design for Online Businesses

Ecommerce web page development is the ability to sell products and services on the internet in a way which is secure and easy to use for the customer.

As well as offering well developed and visually appealing web sites, Express Web Services Ltd can create secure web ecommerce service systems that rival the best available.

We have the design and development skills that are required to not only create great looking websites but to also be able to implement an extremely powerful ecommerce package to kick-start your success online. Take advantage of our unbeatable eCommerce store builder for a solution to the most common problems encountered by online business owners.

The ecommerce system we use is both sophisticated and easy to use which is the result of extensive research and experience accumulated through years of work in electronic commerce strategies. It is an economical, flexible and powerful platform.

Our eCommerce Packages include an ecommerce web site design, our hosting service plus unlimited internet marketing and web revision.

Start your Online Business

Are you interested in selling products on the web?

Use our 2 Year Web Site Special Package With unlimited revisions and marketing, free content management and domain name registration.

Look how to setup an online business for a fraction of the cost by investing a percentage of your online sales, with our No Revenue No Fee Option!

Use our One Off Web Design options together with our 'A la Carte' professional services.

We will provide you with a personal Free Quote relevant to your business.

E Commerce Sofware Customization Sample

Shipping Methods

For example, if you are selling your products in Australia, and most of your customers are Australian customers, you should add "Australian Post" as a shipping method and then select "Australian Post" as your default shipping method. Although you have selected a default shipping method, a customer can select an alternative shipper that you have added.

Australian Tax

  1. Select the Products menu, and then click the Price Sets submenu in the right-hand navigation.
  2. Double-click on an existing price set row (preferably an Australian price set that you have created beforehand), or click (highlight) the row and click the Edit button.
  3. Ensure you are within the Ordering Rules submenu of the right-hand navigation.
  4. Ensure "Standard" is within the lower, left-hand pull-down menu and click the Add button.
  5. You are now on the Ordering Rules edit page. Let's give the rule a name, comment, and type to start.
  6. Enter an appropriate name for the rule in the Name field. (For our example, we will enter "Australian - Victoria Tax.") The name of the rule is displayed as a line item on the order form next to the tax, fee, or discount (as part of the Items Ordered element) whenever the rule applies.
  7. In the Comments field, enter any comments about this rule that would help customers understand the Tax. Comments are displayed on the order form within the Items Ordered element when this particular rule applies.
  8. Select "Tax" from the Type pull-down menu.
  9. Select the Help button at the bottom of the Ordering Rules edit page for information on the Exempt options.
  10. From the Conditions pull-down menu, select the "Shipping Destination" option, and click the Add button.
  11. On the new page, select "Billed" and "Within" from the Destination pull-down menus.
  12. Select "Australia - Victoria" from the list of destinations, and click the
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