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Eric GourmetEric Gourmet, Information Technology Specialist

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I am happy to undertake developments or consultations, which involve the following specializations:

Web Design

HTML Design, Server and Client scripting (ASP / JavaScript), Flash development, CSS, E-marketing, SOAP with SSL Cryptography and X509 Certificates


Oracle 7 to Oracle 10, SQL Server 7 to 2005, Sybase 4.9.2 to Sybase 12

Programming Languages


Project Management Tools

Microsoft EPM, PDS, Project client, VBA

SAP scripting

Front End development for automated data import, export or reporting analysis.

Eric Gourmet IT Consultant

Since 1984 working as IT consultant, I have been thorough most of IT technologies, from mini computers, personal computers networks, databases servers, client-server, tiers server, Service Oriented Architecture and since 1998 on internet and intranet applications.

Having thoroughly helped customers to improve their IT services, for themselves and their customers, Internet was for me a natural evolution.

As the ultimate mean to offer services to customers and to leverage company competitiveness, it becomes a necessary tool first for multinational companies.

Since 1998 I have been working in the Internet World. It was in that year that I created intranets for multinational companies. Created together with the input from web site users, it was aimed at a large range of different people.

The first large private internet network immediately became my first showcase. Other web sites were won over by the user friendliness and powerful Internet concept.

Our activities in France, UK and USA are expanding and encompass prestigious customers. We took the decision to enlarge our services to all businesses worldwide.

All the Research in E-marketing, company Partnership, Development and Database tools were carried out by my partners and me over a period of one year. After this initial phase, we completed the next stages of designing, hosting, marketing and maintenance of our internet services for the first two businesses.

We believe in a strategy of being in close communication to our final customers and are using our partners’ powerful hosting, design and communication platforms. This will ensure an efficient response to the growing market demands for these services.

I hope that after this initial introduction you would wish to get to know us better and to join our club of satisfied customers.

Your satisfaction is our commitment.

Eric Gourmet Director

Express Web Services Ltd.


You can contact Eric Gourmet at and he will be very happy to get back to you. 

Curriculum Vitae in English and French

Curriculum Vitae EnglishCurriculum Vitae - Eric Gourmet - IT Consultant Curriculum Vitae FrenchCurriculum Vitae - Eric Gourmet - Consultant en Informatique
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