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Every site needs a successful network marketing program to improve search results and conversion rates

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Express Web Services Ltd. as a Web Internet Marketing Company can help you define an Internet Marketing Strategy that can fit your web budget. An efficient Internet Marketing Solution will make your business grow. We will also arrange your domain name registration. Marketing is included in our Ecommerce Packages!
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Internet Marketing Service

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Check out the list of marketing services included in our prestations! Use our Marketing Guide to find detailed descriptions.


Reverse Search Tool
Keyword Analysis Tool
Alibaba Directory
Thomas Net

Initial Website and Product Research

Preliminary Marketing Research
Dialling in Website
Product Research and Product Marketing
Finding a dropshipper
Getting Domain Name
Understanding your competition

Web site Creation

Your Web site Version 1.0
Design to the point
Customer flow
Effective Ad Copy
Necessary Pages
Web Site Navigation
Web site Usability

Going Live and the Testing Process

Getting visitors to your web site
Understanding the Testing Process
Understanding your Conversion Rate
Understanding Average Order size
Understanding Website statistics
Google Sitemaps
Demographic Research using MSN Adcenter
Understanding your Target Audience

Promotional Action Plan

The Four components of a successful Online Business
Maintaining the Freshness factor of your Web site

Getting Traffic (visitors) - basic level

Submitting to Live Directories
Submitting to Relevancy Search Engines
Relevancy Search Engine Optimisation
Free Vertical Portals
Basic Link Trading
Initial pay per click (PPC) marketing campaign
Classified Ad strategy
Free Classifieds on the Web
Paid Classifieds on the Web
Permission Marketing
Social bookmarking or tagging
Meta Tags

Getting Traffic (visitors) –intermediate level

Intermediate Pay per Click (PPC) Search Engine strategies
Newsletter Strategies
Newsletter Ad Trading
Intermediate Link Trading
Paid Inclusion Vertical Portals
Malls and Shopping Portals
Coupon Portals
Banner Exchanges
Link Popularity & Page Rank
Competitive analysis using Alexa
Affiliate Marketing
Submissions to online Yellow Pages
Seasonal and Holiday Traffic
Keyword Research for PPC Search Engines
Keyword Research for Relevancy Search Engines
Stealth Linking

Getting Traffic (visitors) – advanced level

Comparison Shopping Portals
Amazon Marketplace selling
Creating Banner and Display Ads
Yahoo stores
Click Fraud
Establishing and Promoting an Affiliate Marketing Campaign
Viral Marketing
E-Media Press Release Campaign
Leverage Marketing
Content Driven Marketing

Marketing Local Products or Services


Marketing E-books and downloadable products

Electronic Publishing and E-book Marketing

Google Adwords

Understanding Adwords listing result
Google Adwords Campaign Management


Credit Card Merchant Accounts
Pro download
Third Party Resources


Online Auction and eBay

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