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Express Web Services Ltd.
  London, Côte d'Azur, New Caledonia

We propose two Online Business Services with ecommerce website, content management and statistic tools, web hosting and internet marketing services.

Service Ecommerce 1 - Your Online Store for a monthly rate

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All our internet services for a monthly flat rate. For your Online Business fast start, to maximise your profits and benefit from unlimited services.

Web Design & ECommerce Option

All inclusive 2 year package
monthly subscription.

Web Design for Online Business - Unlimited Revisions & Marketing, Free Domain Name, CMS License and Maintenance.

635 €/month 7,620 €/year

Service Ecommerce 2 - Your Online Store for a Commission

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Your Internet Online Business for a small flat rate and a commission percentage on online sales. A great start to limit investments, maximise and share profits, benefit from unlimited services.

No Revenue no Fee Option

Build your Internet Online Business for a commission percentage on your online sales.

No Revenue No Fee - Unlimited Revisions & Marketing, Free Domain Name, CMS License and Maintenance.

2220 €/year + 20% on onlines sales


We propose turnkey ecommerce websites, as well as 'A La Carte' Internet Services, Web Design, Marketing, Hosting, Content Management and eCommerce.

ECommerce Services - Your Online Store for a One Off cost

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One Off Web Design

ECommerce options

One Off Services costs
  • 1-3 pages site
  • 4-6 pages site
  • 7-12 pages site
  • Complete eCommerce site
  • Additional Pages
  • 1,195 €
  • 1,395 €
  • 1,595 €
  • 2,495 €
  • 200 €
  • 'A La Carte'

    Professional Services

    Net Prices
  • Internet Marketing Service
  • Maintenance and Support
  • Web Hosting and Emails
  • Merchant Account Service
  • Domain Name Registration
  • Promotional Stationery
  • 59 €/hr
  • 59 €/hr
  • 35 €/mth
  • 50 €/mth
  • 15 €/year
  • Free quote
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