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Content Management System
Among all our web site services is our useful content provider management service, we'll start you off right

Express Web Services Ltd provide a full Web Design Software integrated in our Content Management System.
We know how important it is to have fresh and up to date text and images on your online store.

Our Content Management Software is included in our Ecommerce Packages!


Web Content Management, easy and dynamic Design changes

Web Content Provider Management Solution


Web page content (such as text, images, products, links, headers, footers, etc.) can be easily customized, added, and changed, whether in the point-and-click environment or a traditional environment. Plus, you can complement your products and services with a completely custom design using our web content management solution. Such designs include aesthetic and functional components, creating a greater sense of security and professionalism. Then, instantly publish your changes and updates (making the changes and updates live on the Internet) only when you are completely satisfied with their appearance. Take advantage of our excellent web sites services today!

Product Management

An enhanced product management interface allows us to import product information, manage availability, mark featured products, dictate regular and sale prices, and more. Product management also includes an automated inventory control feature that has the capacity to track the depletion of inventory through sales, notify you when a designated inventory minimum has been met, and notify customers when they order out-of-stock items.

All our services such as technical support and web site maintenance can be billed according to your needs:

1. An hourly rate comprised between of 59,95 Euros and 69,95 Euros per hour (VAT not included).

2. A custom contract requiring a quote can be prepared

Web Design Maintenance

  Here are some of the Web Content Management that we can amend:
  • Modify Text
  • Update products
  • Update product prices and special promotions
  • Insert Pictures
  • Include External Hyper links
  • Pre defined templates
  • Add Tables
  • Complete text control, bold italic etc
  • Format text, left right and centre
  • Add new pages
  • Dynamic navigation creation
  • Image library
  • Built in ftp etc…

Maintenance and Support

Purchase additional Maintenance and Support hours at
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