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You are probably bombarded with technological and marketing jargon on a daily basis and that is for a reason.  The effectiveness of your website depends on your overal marketing strategies.  We have therefore compiled this brief guide to both online and offline marketing which will hopefuly guide you through this complicated minefield.

Pay Per Click (PPC)Pay per click marketing practice used for search engine optimisation
Link Trading and Internet DirectoriesBuilding Link popularity through Link Trading and Internet Directories
Relevancy Search EnginesUsed to determine a websites search engine rankings other than PPC
Alexa and Google PRPage traffic ranking tools
ArticlesImproves search engine exposure
E-mail marketingEncourages existing and future clients to revisit website
Offline MarketingOffline marketing, magazines, press release, chamber of commerce, trade shows, newspapers and classified ads, radio, television, billboards, sponsorships, vehicle advertising, business cards, movie theatres, direct mail and newsletters, flyers, word of mouth, business cards
Blogs and RSS FeedsDrives traffic to your site and can provide useful information about your site or business
eBay AuctionCan be an important addition to most marketing strategies
Affiliate MarketingJoin or create your own affiliate programs
Comparison Shopping PortalsUsed to research the available Internet merchants offering the products in the market
Demographics and Market SaturationStatistics enabling Market Research and providing demographic information..
Tags and HyperlinksSearch engines look for keywords in the code of the website.
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