Internet Business - No Revenue No Fee - Business Opportunity

No Revenue No Fee Option with Free Web Design

Internet Business - Online Store - Online Business Opportunity - Online business solution - Commission Percentage - Business opportunity

No Revenue No Fee - Business Opportunity
Start your Online Business for a Commission Percentage on
your Online Sales.

Great Internet Business Opportunity

A complete range of web services including eCommerce, internet marketing and maintenance. An internet business complete solution in return of a commission percentage on your internet sales. With this opportunity, you can start your own business, work from home and get income.

Free Web Site Design

Develop your business idea, start an online business and get a Free Web Site Design, eCommerce, Internet Marketing and maintenance solution. Express Web Services Ltd. offers these services unlimited in time with the aim of providing you with a growing and successful online business.

Commission Percentage on Online Sales

This gives you the option to assign 20 percent of your online sales for the development of your online business and we will aim at growing your online sales. This opportunity provides you with a simple and cost effective ecommerce and internet marketing solution with free web site design, internet marketing and increases your income over time.

Take the first step to a successful online internet business and read the 4 Facts on No Revenue No Fee Business Opportunity.

Fixed Cost List for Monthly Flat Rate

A Simple and Cost Effective Free Domain Name + Web site design + Ecommerce + Internet marketing + Maintenance online Business Solution

No Revenue No Fee eCommerce Website package   With unlimited revisions and marketing   As Featured On
Costs       Per Year Per Month
Hosting   420 € 35 €
Pay per Click Cost     1,200 € 100 €
Content Management System License (Included)
    0 € 0 €
Domain Name     Free  Free
Merchant Account plus 4.50% per sale
       600 €  50 €
Cost Sub-total     2,220 € 185 €
Web Design, Changes and Revision     20% Online Sales
Online Marketing     Free
Professional Marketing Package   Free
Maintenance   Free
Services Sub-total     20% Online Sales  
Total     2,220 € 185 €

    + 20% Online Sales

We will provide you with a personal Free Quote relevant to your business.

Cheap Yearly Hosting and Merchant Account Charge

Please note that for the web hosting and merchant account a yearly and non refundable deposit of 2220 euros is required before we build your free web site.  This deposit will cover the year Web hosting, Merchant account and Pay Per Click charges.  Once paid the deposit will not be refunded if client subsequently decides not to use our services after more than 30 Day of the order. Orders cancelled 30 Day or less after the day of order will be refunded , less a 25% charge to cover our costs.

Buy it Now!

Please note that this option is only available if you are selling Products!  If you are selling Services please check our 2 year eCommerce Website Package


Includes Web Design, E-commerce, Maintenance and Marketing Solution.
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Internet Business - Online Store - Online Business Opportunity - Online business solution - Commission Percentage - Business opportunity
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