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As an online business owner, or a prospective business owner, you'll need a reliable web page hosting service for your site. We provide low cost web hosting service for any size of online business. We invite you to compare our business web hosting service with others, we provide the Top web host that fits your needs.

  • High Security
  • Built-in Redundancy
  • Regular Backups
  • Facility Maintenance
  • Bandwidth and Network
  • Data Storage
  • Technical Support
  • 2 GB of website space
    Our website builder gives you a generous amount of website space to create the type of site you want.

  • Unlimited bandwidth transfer
    Many website companies will only allow a certain amount of bandwidth for your website and then charge you for additional bandwidth. We don’t believe in restricting your ability to add data to your website. We provide you with unlimited bandwidth as a standard part of your website package.
  • Hosting, Marketing and Maintenance are included in our Ecommerce Packages!

    We will provide you with a personal Free Quote relevant to your business.

    Web sites can be hosted on your existing domain name or we can create it for you with our affordable Web Hosting partner at a price of 35 Euros per month.

    Web Hosting Review

    High Security

    • SSL certificate provided by VeriSign® (SSL certificate provider for the top 10 U.S. banks and 93 percent of Fortune 500 companies)
    • A physically secure data center monitored 24 / 7. Facility access is limited to experienced IT personnel
    • Multiple firewalls to prevent unwarranted intrusion by hackers and viruses
    • Regular updating and patching of system software and antivirus utilities

    CISP/SDP Compliance

    • Compliance with the guidelines set forth by the Visa and MasterCard CISP and SDP programs
    • Adherence to a strict password policy for all employees and StoresOnline merchants

    Built-in Redundancy

    • Redundancy built throughout the entire hosting infrastructure, including a clustered storage environment, redundant servers, power circuits, Internet Service Providers, Internet connections, and more
    • Failover redundancy in key areas, helping to ensure zero downtime in the event a server or database failure  

    Regular Backup with Onsite and Offsite Storage

    • Daily and weekly backups of all sites and databases
    • Backup tapes stored onsite and offsite
    • Tapes stored offsite in a secure granite repository that is highly resistant to all types of natural or nuclear disasters

    Facility Maintenance and 24 / 7 Monitoring

    • An Uninterrupted Power Supply and Backup Generator, coupled with a fire suppressive gas release system to guard against fire and power outage
    • Dedicated air conditioning, ensuring a temperature-controlled environment for proper hardware functionality
    • Data center vital signs monitored on a 24 / 7 basis
    • IT staff members on call 24 / 7 to correct problems if an essential component fails
    • An established Intrusion Detection System
    • Weekly vulnerability scanning by Security Metrics®

    High Bandwidth and Network

    • Multiple Internet Service Providers
    • More than enough bandwidth to handle the high number of requests received by StoresOnline web hosting servers
    • Enterprise-level routers, switches, and networking (Cisco Systems® technologies)

    Data Storage

    • Clustered environment (redundancy)
    • EMC2® storage (enterprise-level RAID 5 technology)
    • Oracle® 10G (RAC) database (enterprise-level RAID 1 technology)

    Our Web Hosting package include a powerful yet simple to use Content Management System. This package of a value of 3996 Euros per year is included in our eCommerce solutions.

    Web Hosting Comparison

    General Account Information MyExpressWebServices
    Storage Space 2GB
    Unlimited Pages Affordable Hosting
    Multiple Currencies Unlimited
    Sub-domains Support Web Hosting
    Custom Email Forwarding Yes
    Custom Reply Emails Yes
    General Web Site Features MyExpressWebServices
    Site Tabs and Breadcrumbs Yes
    Automatic Logo Generation Yes
    RSS Feeds Yes
    Internal Site Search Yes
    Professional Designs All
    Advanced java scripting Yes
    Drag and drop page layout Yes
    WYSIWYG page design Yes
    Password protected pages Yes
    Integrated SEO Page Analytics Yes
    More than 25 page elements Unlimited
    Customizable Forms MyExpressWebServices
    Secure Customizable Order Form Yes
    Order email notification auto response Yes
    Custom form page elements Yes
    Forms Tool (Beyond Order Form) Yes
    Custom sign in pages (repeat login) Yes
    Multiple customized form pages Yes
    Products MyExpressWebServices
    Unlimited Products Yes
    Featured products Yes
    On Sale products Yes
    Inventory control Yes
    Hierarchical product categories Yes
    Multiple price sets Yes
    Multiple credit card processors Yes
    eBay auction feeds Yes
    Auction management Yes
    Product feeds to comparison shopping portals Yes
    Printed coupons Yes
    Real time shipping integration (UPS, FedEx, DHL) Yes
    Affiliate program support Yes
    Google checkout Yes
    Quantity discounting Yes
    Multiple product descriptions Yes
    Multiple product images Yes
    Multiple product categories Yes
    Bolt on ecommerce supported Yes
    Import/Export product info Yes
    Customers MyExpressWebServices
    Customer database Yes
    Customer grouping Yes
    List management (subscribe/unsubscribe) Yes
    Password management Yes
    Customer order tracking Yes
    Bulk email support Yes
    HTML email support Yes
    Export customer information Yes
    Customer notes Yes
    Orders MyExpressWebServices
    Order tracking real time tracking (FedEx, UPS, DHL, USPS) Yes
    Fulfillment status Yes
    Payment status Yes
    Export orders Yes
    Order fulfillment management Yes
    Order payment/transaction history Yes
    Order package management Yes
    UPS, FedEx, DHL auto generated shipping labels Yes
    Quickbooks export Yes
    Associated Hosting and Support Services MyExpressWebServices
    Merchant Services Access Yes
    - Reverse Search Tool Yes
    - Keyword Analysis Tool Yes
    - Library of Promotional Strategies Yes
    Up-to-date Web Promotion tutorials Yes
    24x7 chat support Yes
    11 hours per day phone support (Mon thru Fri) Yes
    Email Aliasing Yes
    Email Hosting (Avail) Yes
    Avail Unified Communications System Yes
    Secure Real-Time credit card processing Merchant Account
    Online Technical Help Files Yes
    Online Technical Tutorials Yes
    Domain Hosting Yes
    Visa/Master Card compliant hosting environment Yes
    128 Bit SSL encryption Yes
    Redundant and Load Balancing Web Servers Yes
    Redundant T3 Connection Yes
    Redundant uninterruptible power supply Yes
    Backup Diesel Generator Yes
    Firewall Protection Yes
    Akamai Network Yes
    We will provide you with a personal Free Quote relevant to your business.

    Our web hosting package is included in our eCommerce solutions. This hosting package include an eCommerce solution and a powerful Web Design software.

    Hosting, Marketing and Maintenance are all included in our Ecommerce Packages!

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